Nothing Magazine : satanic MySTERY fEAST tRACK BY tRACK ALBUM rEVIEW

“Reminiscent of the Beach Boys with a fusion of modern indie rock.”


Retro Sin Presents Tokyo Lucky Hole Live In-Studio on KUCI 88.9 FM

Tokyo Lucky Hole visits the KUCI studio in Irvine for a live in-studio performance & interview.


OC Weekly : Mr. McQueen Newport Beach Film Festival Highlight

“The four minute short film is set to Tokyo Lucky Hole’s mix swaggering, sunburnt surf-toned rock and Beatles-esque pop.”


Black Aaron Broadcast : Interview & Live Session

Tokyo Lucky Hole visits Sound Affair Studios in Santa Ana in preparation for their film festival screening and after-party event.


ABC 7: Newport Beach Film Festival Press Release

“Filmmaker Blaine Fuller has brought the band's glam rock and psychedelic flare to life in the making of this short film/music video about three disco cowboy bandits that are pursued by a group of ruthless assassins in an acid western landscape.”


KX 93.5: Concert Review & Photographs

“The tongue-in-cheek lyrics and catchy guitar riffs excited the audience, as they drew in an extensive crowd, even dragging the last few stragglers away from the bar.”


Neo Glam Rock: Mr. McQueen Interview

Neo Glam Rock “gets to know the artists’ master plan behind the work (of debut single and music video, Mr. McQueen)”.


Tokyo Lucky Hole Live In-Studio on KX 93.5 FM

Tokyo Lucky Hole visits the KX 93.5 studio in Laguna Beach for a live in-studio performance & interview.

TLH Cover FINAL.jpg

Indie Pot Pie: Weekend Leave Song Review

“Gritty, retro-infused, and rowdy, these boys can light a controversial flame.”


Yab Yum Music and Arts Music Video Feature

7 Weird + Wondrous Music Videos Featuring Mr. McQueen by Tokyo Lucky Hole

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Staccatofy: Short Take Video Review

“Dressed in an Evil Knievel retro helmet, our hero might literally have stepped out of a Quentin Tarantino movie.”


Nothing Magazine: Post Show Shots

Orange County collective covers Tokyo Lucky Hole’s September Residency at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, CA.


Come Here Floyd: Weekend Leave Song Review

“The rock n’ roll in this fab single is decadent, kinda off limits, innocent until lyrics are absorbed – but all of it is hella fun.”